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Our story and link to the beautiful and fruitful Jamaica Blue Mountain.

In 1999, Rohan purchased a 52-acre farm in Chepstowe, Portland, Jamaica, an area where the Blue Mountains are known for its idyllic coffee growing climate.

At the time, Rohan had little knowledge of the invaluable soil and growing conditions that the farm held; just a desire return to the earth, fulfill his father’s dream of farming and help support the local economy in Jamaica.

Marley Coffee's signature roasts are born from the majestic hills of renowned farms in the Jamaica Blue Mountains.

We source and blend naturally grown coffee from our partner farms that are adhering to the strictest sustainable practices. The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica (CIBOJ) maintains quality standards for the coffee that carries the mark Jamaica Blue Mountain.

The cherry-ripe beans are handpicked at harvest, wet processed, and predominantly sun dried in controlled traditional methods. The beans are then hand-sorted and graded by size, density and color.

Samplings are done on a lot-by-lot basis, where cupping tests for color, roast, flavor, aroma, acidity, body, and aftertaste.

Marley Coffee's Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee range includes:

Talkin' Blues 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Light Roast Coffee

Talkin' Blues

Light Roast

Talkin' Blues is our signature blend of 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from that island in the sun.

Smile Jamaica 20% Jamaica Blue Mountain Medium Roast Coffee

Smile Jamaica

Medium Roast

Smile Jamaica is our signature blend, comprised of a minimum 20% Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.