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Our Organic Range of Coffees

Organic  means lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers and more environmentally sustainable management of the land and natural environment, which means more wildlife. Certified as Organic by the Soil Association, Marley Coffee's Organic coffee range includes:

Marley Coffee's Organic Soil Association Certified coffee range includes:

Get Up Stand Up Light Roast Coffee

Get Up Stand Up

Light Roast

Wake up with Get Up Stand Up, a delicate and floral light roast coffee with winey acidity, juicy body and.

One Love Medium Roast Coffee

One Love

Medium Roast

One Love is our classic medium roast blend, full of floral notes and revealing hints of blueberry, cocoa and spice.

Lively Up Espresso Medium Dark Espresso Roast Coffee

Lively Up

Medium Dark Espresso Roast

Lively Up yourself with this big, bold espresso roast – an almighty blend of full-bodied, yet well-balanced coffee.

Buffalo Soldier Dark Roast Coffee

Buffalo Soldier

Dark Roast

Born free, Buffalo Soldier is an earthy and bold dark roast blend - sultry, smoky and deliciously smooth. The dark chocolate.

Simmer Down Decaf Medium Roast Coffee

Simmer Down

Decaf Medium Roast

For mellow moods, ease into the morning with a smooth cup of Simmer Down, our Swiss Water Process, chemical-free, decaf blend.