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Our Rainforest Alliance Coffees

The Rainforest Alliance Certification encompasses three pillars of sustainability - social, economic & environmental - in sustainable farming:

• Biodiversity • Improved livelihoods and human well-being • Natural resource conservation • Effective planning and farm management systems

Marley Coffee's Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee range includes:

Talkin' Blues 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Light Roast Coffee

Talkin' Blues

Light Roast

Talkin' Blues is our signature blend of 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from that island in the sun.

Smile Jamaica 20% Jamaica Blue Mountain Medium Roast Coffee

Smile Jamaica

Medium Roast

Smile Jamaica is our signature blend, comprised of a minimum 20% Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.

Keep On Moving Light Roast Coffee from Marley Coffee

Keep On Moving

Light Roast

Embrace the rhythm with Keep on Moving, a lightly roasted coffee designed to reveal intricate stone fruit tones.

Soul Rebel Medium Roast Coffee from Marley Coffee

Soul Rebel

Medium Roast

Rising with the morning sun, Soul Rebel’s brightly acidic, nutty, sweet and malty roast guides you on your soul.

Misty Morning Dark Roast Coffee from Marley Coffee

Misty Morning

Dark Roast

Misty Morning is perfect for those looking for a rich long lasting cup of coffee with plenty of body to awaken the mind.